James Reid "My Friend" 7 shot brass knuckleduster

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This is a brass, hand engraved pepperbox revolver, named "My Friend" but nicknamed the "Knuckleduster". 

It was manufactured by James Reid in New York between 1868 and 1882. A seven shot .22 caliber pistol, it gets it's nickname from it's unique design. 

The shooter has the option to swing the gun around their finger and grip it as brass knuckles. This came in handy if you missed all seven times, since reloading required removing the cylinder pin and cylinder. 

The gun was popular with gamblers (and the women who worked the saloons) due to it's small size and ease of concealment.

The strap is stamped "My Friend Pat'D Dec 26, 1865". The serial number stamped on the bottom of the grip includes lucky number "777". The cylinder and cylinder pin are both original to the gun and are each accurately stamped with the partial serial number "77". A true gamblers gun from the old west.

At the request of polymath7 on YouTube, here is the knuckleduster with a 30mm BSA red dot sight installed. You're welcome.